Smoky Disturbance

Smoky Disturbance


Smoky Disturbance is a complex hot sauce that features twangy and interesting pomegranate reduction, with an aromatic foundation of garlic, onion, carrot, tomato, and orange.  Superhot capsicum chinense chiles are smoked and dried and burr ground with sel gris, variable amounts of this ingredient brings smoky spice to all of the Smoky Disturbance heat levels.


Smoky Disturbance is available in three different heat levels.  Igneous is the mildest, with the least MagmaPowder in the sauce.  Semi-Molten is our benchmark pungency, with four times more smoked chiles than Igneous. And the Molten designation means that there is three times the MagmaPowder that's in Semi-Molten. So, numerically, if Igneous is a 1, then Semi-Molten is a 4, and Molten is 12! 


New labels designate heat levels with one, two, or three fire icons.




Bring heat with heart to your table.



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