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CAP·SAI·CIN owner and founder David Bell loves chiles


For the past 15 years, David has devoted his time to perfecting chile powders, hot sauces and srirachas that bring eccentric flavor and spice to your meal. Using locally grown peppers, he creates perfect condiments that add the flavor your dishes have been missing.


Magma Powder, Smoky Disturbance, Joyful Noise and Hephaestus Sriracha bring heat with heart to your table. 


grown in the garden state

Every pepper that goes into his hot sauce and ground chile powder is family grown in New Jersey.

David and his father-in-law Chris Cimarusti save seeds from the finest peppers, and each year Chris uses those seeds to grow new plants.


In the 2022 growing season, Chris tended a crop of over 400 plants on his South Jersey property.   

From the garden to the market

In the summers you can find David at the West Windsor Community Farmers' Market every Saturday from 9-1, at the Highland Park Farmers Market for the annual Hot Pepper Eating Contest, and throughout the year at various Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market events.  


David taps into his years of culinary training to highlight his products and the local produce grown by the market's farmers. His canapés entice market visitors and encourage them to sample the many heat levels he offers in his sauces and powders.


heat levels for every palate

We can't lie. David's passion is super-hot peppers. Peppers that are too hot for most mere mortals to eat. At least comfortably. But over the years he's expanded his products to accommodate those who like a little heat, and the most daring hot heads alike.

If you can't get enough spice, the Molten Joyful Noise and Smoky Disturbance, the Superhot Sriracha and the OG Magma Powder are for you.


If you like spice, but still like to be able to feel your face, try the Igneous Joyful Noise and Smoky Disturbance, the Habanero Sriracha, and the Habanero Magma Powder and work your way up. 

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